AboutROI Dental Coaching

ROI Dental Coaching provides consulting services for dental practices and businesses that wish to expand, improve, or establish their operation in today’s market. We help identify any areas of concern in a dental practice while also providing expertise and advice on the best solutions. By offering a fresh set of eyes on your practice, we provide dental professionals an outside view from experienced consultants who can enhance any practice. We work to help the Dentist and all staff move forward as a team.

Suzanne Rassy

Suzanne started in dentistry in 1989 as a dental assistant and later worked as a financial treatment coordinator and office manager.

She has been consulting since 2003, recently spending over 10 years as a Manager of Consulting Education at Mercer Advisors. In this role, she was a “coach to the coaches”, created systems and designed the curriculum and also taught several courses at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry and for Patterson Dental.

Suzanne has been transforming hundreds of practices with her thoughtful and balanced approach and has also offered practice management advice through her many articles in the local and national dental journals.

When she is not coaching a high level team of dental professionals, she is most often with her husband and children, or working on a new system to help her offices thrive.