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No dental practice is exactly the same as another. In fact, managers and dentists who make this assumption will face more issues with expansion and reaching a larger base of patients. At ROI Dental Coaching, our consulting services will help clients expand, establish, or repair their dental practice. Regardless of a dental practice looking to establish itself or a larger dental practice looking to expand its practice, we can help.

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About Our Consulting Services

While no private practice starts out perfect, we can help the practice achieve its full potential. Upon calling ROI Dental Coaching, we will set up a time to hear what you feel is not working within your practice. After that, we will schedule a time to review your staff, level of functionality in the workplace, areas that may need improvement and more. Our goal is not to criticize, but to help you lead your dental practice to its full potential.

Our consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Front Office Training
  • Dental Seminars
  • Dental Training
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Business Coach
  • Hygiene Recall
  • New patient experience
  • Existing patient experience
  • Patient retention and reactivation system
  • Case presentation and financial arrangements
  • Collection system
  • PPO analysis
  • Comprehensive hygiene program
  • Strategic scheduling to your goal
  • Cancellations & no-show system
  • Verbal skills training – using powerful words
  • Telephone technique and etiquette
  • Marketing to attract the right patients
  • Overhead management
  • Team motivation
  • Team communication and ideal teamwork
  • Hiring the right team players
  • Front & back office protocols
  • Development of your customized Standards of Care Office Manual
  • Measuring your success
  • Due Diligence Services:

  • Evaluation of the practice data from the software
  • Analysis of overhead, cash flow and profitability
  • Analysis of opportunities for growth
  • Comprehensive Report provided
  • We will offer insight from a fresh set of eyes, completely neutral to your practice. If there are any disputes or issues among staff members, then we can help to find solutions that work out for everyone and benefit the overall productivity of the dental practice. For instance, we may find that one or several employees do less work around the office than others. In this case, uneven work efforts and disagreements among staff members can cause a practice to suffer. We can help coach you and the staff members to work better as a team.

    In other cases, we can help improve the efficiency of your practice to reach a larger amount of patients. We can also help you build your practice into a full-functioning operation that is ready to treat patients with a variety of issues or needs.

    Why Our Consulting Services Help Practices

    With each of our clients, we work to develop and enhance a system that works for the client’s practice. Since no dental practice is exactly the same, we will work with each client to develop a plan that best benefits his or her practice. Contrary to belief, there is not always a cut and dry method to success in business. A dental practice will benefit much more from a consultant that identifies the key areas of improvement and customizes the most effective methods to obtain a higher level of success.

    With that in mind, our team will work to identify what you can do to improve the business of your dental practice, reach out to a larger amount of patients, build more on an already-successful practice, help resolve staff issues, give management advice and much more. We will work with you to go over the issues and necessary solutions to see if they will work with the practice. We want to help you reach the optimal level of success that you can and give you the tools to maintain that level of success.

    Our services cover a wide variety of needs from staffing issues to management disagreements. We can offer management coaching to help a manager find alternative and beneficial methods to lead his or her staff to a more successful process. Since we take the time to understand the dental practice and the employees, our consulting services can offer greater benefits. Team building can be another key area of improvement that a practice needs to rise up toward success. A staff that has issues working together can cause a business to become muddled and delay proper services from occurring at an efficient pace. We can identify the issue and help employees work around it for greater success.

    In other situations, a dental practice will be somewhat successful, but unable to grow further. For whatever reason, the practice will remain stagnant on a specific level, unable to advance further. We can help brainstorm and develop a personalized method for continuing to thrive as a dental practice. We can help dental practices in this situation discover their potential and reach higher levels of success.