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A dental practice may not always run as smoothly as one might hope it will, for a variety of reasons including a teamwork issues among staff, disorganized methods, management in need of coaching, dental seminars/training are necessary and much more. A dental practice has similar needs to any business and will face issues from time to time. However, while there are similarities, dental practices also have stark differences or needs from other businesses.

Request A Complimentary Analysis

ROI Dental Coaching also offer dental practice management to help deal with the specific challenges a dental practice may face. One such challenge is dealing with front office support and efficiency. While every office may have a front desk with an administrative assistant or secretary, a dental practice needs someone who can accomplish more. Patients need to not only feel comfortable in the waiting room, but also need to have all important insurance and health information turned in before the appointment. In other cases, the front office will need to answer the patient’s questions about the procedure, insurance groups the practice takes or keeping the patient calm while waiting for the appointment.

We can consult you on the best management methods to ensure that your staff treats patients with the level of kindness and competence necessary to display professionalism in your practice. We also can help offer dental training and seminars for staff, if necessary. Our approach involves giving you a neutral assessment from an outside party, instead of a biased one. With a fresh set of eyes, we can help to identify the key areas that will best benefit from improvement and enhance the entire practice in the process.

We will also cover how a manager can continue to gain that success with the dental practice. We can also help management review the best ways to handle certain situations. If there is a hygiene recall for a specific product the practice relies on, we will go over what to do, how to deal with the situation and how to do so in a safe manner. While it is important to train the staff, it is also important to ensure a manager is ready for any variety of situations in the future.

Working Together

We will work alongside the manager and staff to provide the necessary consulting services and help a dental practice reach its full potential. Our dental practice management training will help managers learn how to handle disputes between employees, issues with patients and specific requests from patients (anxiety issues or other needs). Since there is no single proven method to make a dental practice reach higher levels of success, we will get to know your practice and any issues that you may be having.

Once we understand your practice, we will begin to make suggestions or offer advice on how to effectively motivate positive change as a manager. We will work with you to find the method that offers the greatest benefits for your staff and dental practice. Since no practice is exactly the same as the other, we provide a customized plan for each dental practice after consulting with the manager. This way, our plan for success is built for your practice to have the greatest effect.

In many cases, online advice for how to manage a company is generalized and not nearly as effective as it can be. Managers who attempt to implement advice without a professional consultant will find mixed results. ROI Dental Coaching will help to give your dental practice the help it needs in all the right places to reach success. We also offer management training to help your dental practice thrive under your leadership.