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Welcome toROI Dental Coaching

Our mission is to provide dentists and their dental teams with exceptional practice management coaching and training. Coaching is delivered in a practical, hands-on approach and is customized to meet every practice’s unique needs. Our success is entirely measured by what our clients achieve in optimizing their practices, reducing overall stress and increasing their profitability.

At ROI Dental Coaching, we consult any size dental practice on business function, overall business practice and how to best enhance productivity in the practice. We will assess the everyday functions, actions of the staff, management systems, product suppliers, the level of service offered to patients and much more.

Our Team

At ROI Dental Coaching, you will receive help to discover the most effective methods for enhancing your dental practice and maintaining continual success. We understand that a dental practice, no matter the size, needs the right amount of care. If one part of your practice is not working to its full potential, then the other aspects will struggle as well. We will meet with the head of the practice and other management, if necessary, to find out what the issues and goals for the company are. Our team will begin with an assessment of the practice and all current areas of business. After identifying the areas that, with improvement, can boost productivity, we will begin to develop and implement the plan.

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Our Services

Our services include dental seminars, dental training, office manager training, hygiene recall, insurance analysis, due diligence and more. With hygiene recall, we can assist when a product used in the dental community goes through a sudden recall. We can give you the best advice on how to move forward while maintaining a high level of productivity. Our services will also help train front office staff members on proper etiquette and how to address patients. We can aid clients in dental practice management while improving the functionality of the business. We can help you find the best method to address a larger amount of patients in your local area. The types of treatment offered to a practice is different for each. Our consulting services will help you establish what your practice needs and how to obtain that. We will also go over how to apply and actually implement our customized strategy for your success.

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Why a Consultant?

As consultants for dental practices and businesses, we provide a plethora of resources and advice. Above all else, we can provide clients with a new set of eyes to help lead to greater success. If we find that certain staff members are not working to their maximum potential, we will offer solutions to help motivate staff members. In other cases, we also help introduce continuing education courses to your staff members and dental practice. With a variety of topics, continuing education courses allow for people to review familiar areas of study and expand their knowledge on new areas and technology. At ROI Dental Coaching, we also oversee manager and office staff training to offer a neutral presence in the process. We understand that it can be difficult to know the exact source of why a dental practice is having trouble. Fortunately, we can provide that bird’s-eye view of expertise to help shape your practice into a successful oral health service provider. We will also help ensure that you have the methods and plans in place to continue climbing the ladder of success in the future.

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