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ROI Dental Coaching provides tailored consulting services for practices seeking success in the current dynamic market. Our seasoned consultants deliver expert guidance and creative solutions to elevate your practice. Fostering teamwork with a new outlook, we propel both dentists and staff towards advancement.

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Dental Practice Consulting

No dental practice is the same as another. Managers and dentists who make this assumption will face more issues with expansion and reaching a larger base of patients. At ROI Dental Coaching, our consulting services will help clients expand, establish, or repair their dental practice. Regardless of whether a dental practice is looking to establish itself or a larger dental practice is looking to expand its practice, we can help.

Small Business Coach

Success isn't a simple 1, 2, 3, but fear not – we've got your back. Forget the illusion that a magic formula or a set of generic steps will instantly catapult your business to success. Amidst the internet noise of countless tips, many are just misleading or irrelevant to your practice. At ROI Dental Coaching, we're not about quick fixes. We take the time to truly grasp your unique dental practice before offering tailored, effective suggestions. Your success journey starts with understanding, not shortcuts.

Dental Practice Management

Running a dental practice isn't always a walk in the park. From team conflicts and chaotic processes to coaching-deprived management and the essential need for dental seminars/training—challenges abound. Just like any business, dental practices encounter their fair share of hiccups. Yet, they come with unique needs and differences that set them apart from the typical business landscape.

Why we're different

Client satisfaction is our unwavering priority.


Our team conducts thorough assessments to pinpoint strengths, identify areas for improvement, and strategize for optimal growth. From market trends to performance metrics, we delve deep into the data to provide you with actionable insights.


From market analyses to competitor landscapes, our meticulous research provides you with valuable insights that pave the way for informed decision-making in your practice.


Whether you’re launching a startup or redefining your dental practice strategy, our experienced team is here to guide you. We’ll craft a comprehensive plan tailored to your unique personal and practice goals and challenges.


From operational efficiency to market positioning, we work collaboratively with you to drive success and achieve sustainable growth in your practice. Elevate your dental practice with tailored consulting.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Suzanne has been a great asset for my clients. She offers a great solution for dental practices looking to better their daily production and patient experience. If you are looking for a practice coach look no further...give Suzanne a call!

- Phillip Lopez

ROI dental - specifically Danielle is absolutely wonderful to work with! As a new practice manager and new to dental Danielle helped me to get calibrated in the field and quickly! She consistently brought in organized data of our practice in comparisons to other practices showing us where we could grow. Highly recommend this company AND Danielle should you be looking for a consultant!

- Kendra Franchi

Suzanne and Danielle have been terrific to work with. As a practice owner, they have been crucial in creating systems to help foster an even better practice environment for our patients and our staff. They are highly skilled and will work hard to meet your goals. I would highly recommend. Thanks to you both!!

- Benjamin Stowell

We were reluctant to bring in a consultant to the practice because we wondered if it would actually help and if it was worth it. We have been working with Suzanne Rassy for a year now and we feel better about where our practice is headed. She has been able to teach us how to enhance our patient relationships and become more profitable. As business owners, we have less stress and have made more. Our new patient numbers have increased and our team is excited about making their bonus. Suzanne was able to help us with every aspect of our practice in a comprehensive way - just like we do with our patients.

- Dr. and Vera Sokol

Due to some concerns with unreliable staff members, my practice was struggling. Suzanne played a significant part in helping turn things around again. She not only gave great advice, but helped put systems in place that have made us more efficient and have made a significant difference in our practice growth and success!

- DDS in Phoenix

Suzanne, Thank you, yesterday not only met my expectations it surpassed them!!! You were awesome, your agenda was clear, I liked the "buckets" of new patient, PT in office, PT checking out. The prepared folders, supplied information, Q & A . . . all was informative, encouraging and motivating. We've had a few consultants through our doors. NONE of them have or would have been able to provide this very specific extremely helpful information. Great job!

- Sarah Whitney

Our Team

Suzanne Rassy

 Founder & CEO
Suzanne and her team have been in hundreds of offices across the country over the past 25 years. Suzanne herself has been consulting since 2003, spending over 10 years as a Manager of Consulting Education at Mercer Advisors. In this role, she was a “coach to the coaches”, where she created systems and designed the curriculum. She also taught several courses at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry and for Patterson Dental.